In today’s competitive online space, it’s challenging to leverage audience traffic into significant revenue. Traditional online advertising methods, like banner ads and brand sponsorships, are not as popular or lucrative as they once were. Many website owners have started creating their own job boards, hosted on their site, to earn more revenue—and now, you can too. is the easiest and fastest way to start your online job board. It’s a white-label software that lets anyone launch a custom job board in just 30 seconds. Your job board can be both lucrative for you and valuable to your audience. Employers pay you to post their open positions, and anyone can use the job board to find their next great opportunity. Once you get set up, you can sell job postings directly to the employers who visit your site and start earning revenue right away. was recently acquired by the job board ZipRecruiter, which is good news for you! Now, you can now display over 10M jobs from the ZipRecruiter database directly on your job board, to bring even more valuable content to your audience. You can also opt to have jobs from your board appear on to get more applicants for your customers. ZipRecruiter also makes it easy to earn even more revenue from your job board. In addition to direct job post sales, you can earn revenue every time someone clicks on a ZipRecruiter job post displayed on your job board.

Here are a few more benefits of

Custom Job Posting Products
You have the ability to customize the products you sell—choose from single job posts, multiple job postings, profile database access, and more.

Brand Control
You can gain valuable insight into your audience by retaining control of your customer data, revenue, traffic, and brand experience at every touchpoint.

Admin Dashboard
You can see real-time revenue, sales, and applicant information in one place. You can post jobs, update listings, customize your boards, and set up job backfill.

Blog Tools
Built-in blog functionality allows you to attract, grow, and maintain your audience through content marketing.

Organic Traffic to Your Jobs
Automatically post jobs from your job board to ZipRecruiter and receive an organic feed of applicants to your listings.

ZipSearch and ZipAlerts
Easily opt into programs specifically designed to deliver relevant ZipRecruiter jobs to your audience, and earn more revenue.

Google Jobs Integration
Jobs posted on are automatically indexed into Google’s new job search feature.

Mobile Responsiveness
The product responds to all screen sizes for a seamless experience across all devices.



Sponsored by the good folks at ZipRecruiter.

Zip Recruiter

ZipRecruiter started as a tool to help small businesses distribute job postings affordably. Today they're a thriving marketplace where millions of people across the U.S. and U.K. find better jobs for better lives.