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There are two ways you can be deceived: believe something that is false or disbelieve the truth, because if you do that, you deceive yourself. What does recruitment have in… Read more

With more digital technology in the business world than ever, it’s no surprise that malicious actors will do whatever they can to scam someone. Unfortunately, one major target for scammers… Read more

For an industry whose professional certification involves “competency based assessments,” there’s a surprising amount of incompetence when it comes to sorting out the product marketing buzz and BS coming from… Read more

Happy Monday, recruiters! Hope you all enjoyed a well deserved weekend off, but now that you’re back to the grind, back on the grid and back working to get that… Read more

Managing Your Workforce in Times of Crisis As the COVID-19 pandemic encroaches on our working and personal lives, employers all over the world find themselves in uncharted territory. People are… Read more

Has some of the below info/research about polarization seeped into your recruiting, hiring, or sourcing funnels? I’ll say this: some have recently called us “The United States of Nervous Wrecks,” and… Read more

Google Hire, AI and the Privacy Paradox In the recently released 2018 edition of her seminal annual Internet Trends report, Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker recently discussed what she referred… Read more

No one denies the fact that our world needs experts, thought leaders, and world-renowned specialists. That’s because it’s clear that we DO need people who are capable of dedicating their… Read more

I’ll admit that I’m as big a sucker for click-bait headlines as anyone, but this one I saw recently actually made me think I might be getting something  meaningful. This… Read more

Parental Advisory Announcement: This article on how people approach quitting a job will offend you if you are a stuffed shirt or a moralistic ass that cannot take a joke… Read more

Google has announced the release of Google Hire, an applicant tracking system for G Suite customers – and its first step into the HR Technology market.

Chapter III: Your Greatest Asset Isn’t Your People. It’s the Data About Your People Last of three parts An industry “influencer” recently posted a “SCAM ALERT” (his emphasis, not mine)… Read more

I’m a Hustler Baby It’s all about the Mckinley’s, (that’s the $500 bill), albeit discontinued in 1969 it’s still legal tender and worth 5 X that of your Benji. It’s… Read more

Millennial themed content is kind of like the minstrel show of the new Millennium. It’s blatantly offensive to a protected class through sweeping stereotypes for the purposes of entertaining the… Read more

LinkedIn introduced new features to its jobs platform, including updates to Job Search, as well as improved accessibility, post scheduling and content analytics. Most notable are changes to LinkedIn’s job… Read more

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