Happy Monday, recruiters! Hope you all enjoyed a well deserved weekend off, but now that you’re back to the grind, back on the grid and back working to get that next placement, we’ve got just the thing to get your recruiting week started off right.
With so many clients, candidates and reqs up in the air at any one time, it can be hard to stay on top of the recruiting news and views that matter most for ensuring you stay on top of your game -and up to date with the industry.  Good news: we’ve got your back.
Ready to get things started? Without further ado, it’s time for Recruiting Daily’s weekly recruiting news rundown: The Week That Was.

The Social Scene: Hello, Ello

Gog88lPSCqZgLDHrmH43.pngTo open this week we say goodbye to Facebook (ok – not really) and hello to Ello.
What is Ello you might be asking? Be thankful you found this post. It’s only the buzzword of the moment for all social recruiters. Not to mention a perfect example of the type news one might miss in running a desk (shameless post plug).
Ello is the latest social media channel to go viral and take the Net by storm. The major distinguishing characteristic of this platform is that it offers anonymity as it’s key feature. Anonymity? Social? Can they co-exist?
The team at Ello feels that is an easy answer. Currently in Beta and  by invite only, members are able to join and have access to all the core features of a social network, but the piece of mind of knowing their data and cyber tracks are theirs and theirs alone.
I know what you’re all thinking, a webinar is certain to be announced this week on how to source Ello and debunk the entire theory, but for now if you’re like me, you just want an invite to check out all the hype.
Hello, Ello? Hook a brother up.

Agency Focus: Doing It For Daniel

So what’s a week without a little controversy? This one is for my agency recruiting friends. We have all been there, sourced an amazing candidate, dreamt of the placement, and conducted the screen only to find the skeleton.
None of us are perfect, and in my experience sharing the ‘bad’ upfront on behalf of a candidate was always successful in still being able to get them placed.
A UK based social services agency is taking the same approach but in reverse for their newly launched social recruitment campaign called Do it for Daniel. 
The Coventry City Council is using the memory of the  tragic murder of four year old Daniel Pelka to not only avoid a repeat scenario, but to recruit the best clinicians in the field to help the cause.
This is same agency that came under fire and deemed ‘ inadequate’ in damning reports that followed the horrific event. Nonetheless, they are painting a realistic picture in an attempt to brand their job opportunities.
Ed Ruane, cabinet member for children’s services, said:
“Daniel’s death was devastating for everyone who knew him and there isn’t a day goes by when we don’t wish we could have done things differently. “Our campaign is deliberately emotive because we need it to stand out from the crowded social work job market and attract the best so we can improve what we do. “We know this campaign will be controversial and people may accuse us of exploiting Daniel’s memory. “
But the truth is that Daniel’s tragic story drives everything we do.
The Guardian ran a great article offering an overview of the entire story. Do you find it explotive? Will it result in successful hires? Only time will tell.

Recruiting News Roundup: Quick Hits

A few other recruiting news items of note –
  • Is hierarchal hiring a practice gone wrong? Are hiring mangers not getting it done recruiters? Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt thinks that is the case, as he shares why a committee should have a say in who a company is hiring. Anyone in favor of this concept?
  • We can be honest here right? Most Healthcare recruiters suck at social media. I said it, but as a healthcare recruiter I feel I have some liberty. That all being said, help might be on the way for my professional colleagues. TweetMyJobs is looking to get more active in the healthcare industry with it’s recently announced partnership with HealthcareSource.
  • Fake job ads are on the rise in the Australian marketplace as, Tracy Angwin posts on SmartCompany with tips to avoid unethical recruitment processes. Any that you would add?
  • Thinking about growing your staffing business? Go for it player. Jenny Keller offers a few tips on  Scaling Your Staffing Business: Making Cents of It.
  • Is EmployUS poised to become the Uber of recruitment? Their CEO Jeff Stocks believes so, but then again, he claims have spent years working in the ‘human capital space’. Never a good term, Jeff. Read up on how this start up is beginning to make some noise by disrupting the traditional recruitment model.
  • What section of the resume is most important in landing the job? Time makes the case for the skills section. A handy 3-step process that is worth passing to your candidates.

RecruitingBlogs Read of the Week


My nomination for RecruitingBlogs.com post of the week goes to the one and only Amy Ala. As a featured RBC member, it is always great to get Amy’s perspective on the glamorous side of recruiting (will allow you to add own sarcasm). She doesn’t disappoint in her latest post, Trust Me, I’m a Professional; this week’s must read for all recruiters digging in the trenches.

Lastly, we complete this week’s recruiting news installment with my personal favorite social update of the week; that distinction goes to the queen of social recruiting, Stacy Zapar.



Yeah. Amen to that sister. After all who has time for looking at jobs on Facebook with Jeter goodbyes, Scandal spoilers, and favorite seasonal pumpkin beer debates? Not that there is anything wrong with that last one.
And there you have it recruiters – consider yourself now in the know for the week that was in recruiting news.
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