We all know that diversity in the workplace is extremely important. People with different cultural backgrounds, age groups, gender, opinions, and experience make the team stronger and more efficient.

We also know that diversity at workplace starts from the way we recruit. Simply put, the less bias we include in our hiring process, the more diverse ​candidates — and employees — ​we ​end ​up ​with.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools that are focusing on diversity recruitment and its different approaches like diverse candidate sourcing, blind auditioning, skill-based reviewing, unbiased job ad descriptions, etc. We’ve put together this  overview of seven (7) smart tools can really that ​help ​you ​recruit ​a more ​diverse ​workforce:

1.​ ​Hundred5​ ​-​ ​A skill-based​ ​blind​ ​hiring​ ​tool

Want a powerful skill-based blind hiring tool that replaces biased resume screening with unbiased short skills challenges?

With Hundred5, the employer starts the hiring process with a quick challenge to screen candidates’ basic job skills and any other questions related to the open position. The system then evaluates each and every answer and gives the employer a list of diverse candidates based on their scores, without ever looking at factors like age, gender, ethnicity, education, race etc.

This approach guarantees that the recruitment decision-making is based solely on applicant’s job related skills, and all unconscious bias that usually creeps into the resume reviewing step is being completely removed from the hiring ​process.

The tool also offers a wide range of test templates & sample questions, customizable job posting pages to attract more diverse candidates, automated follow-up emails to speed up the communication with the applicants, and performance insights about your job posting.

2.​ ​Blendoor​ ​-​ ​Merit-based​ ​blind​ ​recruiting​ ​app

Blendoor is a mobile job matching app that is hiding applicant’s data that isn’t relevant, and highlighting data that is.

The app captures candidate data from your existing applicant tracking systems and/or online job boards, including EEO demographic data to enable talent pipeline analytics based on race, gender, LGBT, veteran, and disabled identities. Candidate profiles are then “blendorized,”  meaning they are being displayed without name, photo, ​or ​dates ​to ​reduce ​unconscious ​bias ​and ​help ​you ​make ​an ​honest ​hiring ​decision.

3.​ ​Entelo​ ​Diversity​ ​-​ ​helps​ ​you​ ​find​ ​diverse​ ​candidates

Entelo Diversity is a recruiting platform with an algorithm that helps companies search candidates from underrepresented groups.

The recruiters specify who they want to target (based on skills, gender or ethnic group), and the tool then sifts through social media profiles and other online data to gather clues about candidate’s gender, ethnicity, or military experience. This information is then layered on top of candidate’s qualifications and ​skills, ​ensuring ​that ​hiring ​practices ​aren’t ​discriminatory.

4.​ ​Textio​ ​-​ ​ ​A tool​ ​for​ ​less​ ​gender-biased​ ​job​ ​descriptions

Textio is a augmented writing tool that helps you write unbiased job postings.

The tool utilizes machine learning to analyze how gender-biased your job description is, and helps predict if the posting will be popular among qualified job seekers. It also analyzes the language in real-time and ​offer ​tips ​for ​improving ​your ​writing.

5.​ ​Gapjumpers​ ​-​ ​A platform​ ​for​ ​blind​ ​auditions

Gapjumpers is a platform for employers to conduct blind auditions in hiring.

Instead of allowing background details, such as a candidate’s education, from getting in the way of hiring a strong candidate, employers will ask candidates to provide anonymous answers to questions about the roles they’re hiring for.

After candidates have submitted their answers (they usually have a few days to submit their application), GapJumpers ranks the best applications for each position. From there on, hiring managers can set up interviews and ​start ​the ​hiring ​process, ​ensuring ​the ​first ​hiring ​decision ​is ​based ​on ​candidates’ ​skills.

6.​ ​Talent​ ​Sonar​ ​ ​-​ ​Diverse​ ​job​ ​postings​ ​&​ ​blind​ ​resume​ ​reviews

Talent Sonar is a recruiting software created to remove unconscious bias in the hiring process. It helps hiring managers develop job postings that will attract a wide range of diverse candidates from both genders, and structure job interviews that focus on the candidate’s specific qualifications.

Once the resumes start coming in, the tool hides applicants’ names, gender, and other personal identifiers to encourage employer to focus on ​the ​most ​relevant ​criteria ​for ​job ​success.

7.​ ​Roikoi​ ​-​ ​Finding​ ​diverse​ ​candidates​ ​through​ ​employee​ ​referrals

ROIKOI is a referral-based diversity recruiting platform helping companies identify and find great people through employee referrals.

It surfaces diverse candidates who are pre-screened for talent, fit, and probability to join a company. The tool then helps to prioritize outreach to these candidates. It also helps recruiters hide personal identifiers for new candidates, like names and photos, so that these factors wouldn’t influence hiring decisions.

Melissa Sepp

Melissa Sepp is a growth manager at Hundred5, a hiring tool that makes recruiting faster and more diverse by screening applicants' job skills in the beginning of the recruitment process. Melissa believes in hiring based on skills not resumes, and together with Hundred5 is on a mission to make recruiting more modern and equal. Follow her on Twitter @melissasepp or connect with her on LinkedIn.