Failbook: 8 Candidate Mistakes To Make You Giggle

Even on the worst days in recruiting, candidates still keep us laughing. Whether it’s a spelling error or atrocious behavior, they keep us on our toes regardless of our years of experience. From disastrous spelling errors to weird confessions, we’ve each gathered a ton of great stories to tell at happy hour from all of these awkward mishaps.

These stories aren’t often told. We try to focus on the “big wins” and case studies. We talk about purple squirrels and top talent which, frankly, aren’t nearly as entertaining or as frequent as these funny and sometimes awkward moments.

Most of the time here at RecruitingDaily, we want to teach you a lesson, coach you through an experience or provide advice that doesn’t follow the status quo. Today, we just want to make you laugh so we reached out to our audience to find the best of the worst candidate experiences. Not from the candidates perspective, but our own.

Too Funny To Unfriend: 8 Candidate Mistakes

1 . Pays attention to “detale” and “climb up the corporate ‘latter'”

2. Hobbies include Netflix and Chill.

3. Full blown cursive font…

4. A programmer listed “Scissoring” as a skill. Apparently it was from decades-past work in dog grooming?

5. Specialties: Supervising and Killing.

6. Let’s just say he must have confused his Ashley Madison email with his real email.

7. “Enjoys being mentally challenged”

8. Found on a financial executive’s resume: “Professional clown”. At least it was in the Other Experience section?

Katrina Kibben

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