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If used correctly, Google can be a great tool for recruiters. Now you’re probably thinking, “But wait… Is there a wrong way to use Google for finding prospects?”  As a… Read more

    Want to find a Cat Rambo mousepad, a replica of Bellatrix Lestrange’s wand, or a  snuggly narwhal onesie for lounging in your livingroom? All are perfectly good uses of… Read more

Don’t call ’em SimplyIndeed. When Recruit, Indeed‘s parent company acquired SimplyHired a few month’s ago, there was a lot of speculation around what would happen next. Would just redirect to… Read more

Recruiters and Sourcers have been arguing as to the value of Boolean Search for the last century, or though it seems. I personally cannot hang my hat on one argument… Read more

For better or for worse Google introduced a simplistic method of search. This has rung supreme eating more than 60% of the search market and could be the reason for Blekko being overlooked by everyday users. It happened to Cuil another engine that I liked

It’s back again and we aim to make this time bigger and better. It’s all about recruiting tools and leveraging easy to use, efficient techniques to help you uncover key hidden talent. You can’t always do it alone. Raw skill won’t always solve your challenge. Learn more here

Topsy is a new kind of search engine, with a new way of looking at the Internet. Topsy doesn’t think the Internet is a collection of documents. Or even a web of documents. Topsy sees the Internet as a stream of conversations that is powered by Twitter. I deep dive into it’s search capabilities in video here.

An Ixquick result is awarded one star for every search engine that chooses it as one of the ten best results for your search. So a five star result means that five search engines agreed on the result. This is significant because search engines choose results in different ways, and…

It’s sleek and offers some great search options but is it the real deal for recruiters? Take a look at some of my favorite search capabilities of Bing in this search engine review series. Review 1: Hasfeed: command.

Kosmix is a guide to the Web. The site ( lets users explore the Web by topic, presenting a dashboard of relevent videos, photos, news, commentary, opinion, communities and links to related topics. Kosmix’s categorization engine organizes the Internet into magazine-style topic pages, enabling people to navigate the Web…

Very cool, Very innovative and developed for 3 sets of users. The Job Seeeker, The Corporation and Yes, you the Recruiter! TwitterJobSearch is fast, slick, and uses some very cool natural language processing. – The full review is posted on


Having the ability to source and uncover top talent is crucial to your success. Sometimes the tools we use come from non-traditional means.

So, here is another great tool that I’ve been using now for a few weeks that I wanted to share with everyone. It’s called Yotify

So, by now you should probably be in the know that I am a search junkie and any tool that will shave 10 seconds off of my time is a tool for me.


KwMap is the keyword map for the Internet. What does this mean? Simple, all you need to do is head over to

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