In the field of recruitment, there’s a popular adage that says, “finding the right hire takes time.” While hiring should never be rushed, finding the right candidate doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. By taking proactive measures to attract the right job seekers to your job posting, you can quickly find the perfect addition to your growing team. ZipRecruiter, a leading job site, uses a powerful matching algorithm and other time-saving tools to make your hiring more efficient and effective.

Write a Great Job Post

Enticing the right talent to apply for your open position starts with creating a stellar job listing. The title of the listing should be short and straightforward, and you should choose words for the title that describe the role in clear terms. ZipRecruiter offers title suggestions when you build your job ad, so it’s easy to select the most clickable title.

When writing the description, it’s important to steer away from recycling an out-of-date listing that may include misleading details. Revisit the listed responsibilities and make sure they accurately reflect the daily tasks associated with the position. ZipRecruiter makes it easy to create new, optimized job descriptions by offering dozens of free job description templates designed to target qualified job seekers.

Reach Candidates on All the Top Job Sites

Whether you’re an employer in a niche industry or simply seek to reach candidates through a variety of channels, optimize your odds of getting your job listing in front of the right job seekers with ZipRecruiter. Upload your job listing once to ZipRecruiter and have it instantly distributed to 100+ leading job boards. ZipRecruiter even uploads your job listing to social media sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn, that top job seekers visit every day. Since ZipRecruiter does the work of distributing your job post for you, you’ll start receiving applicants from diverse channels faster, and have more time to focus on reviewing resumes and finding the best candidates.

Stay Organized

Keeping organized is key to quickly sorting through an influx of resumes and identifying the strongest applicants. ZipRecruiter inputs all applications into a simple, intuitive dashboard where you can review and rate resumes. You can even add screening questions to your job listing that all candidates must answer before submitting their application, so you only see people with the right experience. Once you identify the people you’d like to interview, use the ZipRecruiter messaging tool to schedule time to speak with top candidates.

Make the Most of In-Person Interviews

If you’re seeking to hire a new employee fast, you likely won’t have time to conduct multiple in-person interviews with each candidate. To make the most of one in-person interview, put job seekers in a strong position to make a good impression. Ask interviewees to come to your office prepared with questions to ask and printed copies of their resumes and any other materials you will need to make your hiring decision. Invite expert members of your staff to join you in the interview, who can quiz each applicant on pertinent topics that you may not be familiar with.

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