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Top Ten Steps for Hiring Talented Property Management Professionals » With a proven track record in successfully matching the needs of hiring companies with the career objectives of Job Hunters,… Read more

Stop Spinning your Wheels. Time Management for Recruiters » For the past fifteen years I have worked in the staffing industry for large, global Fortune 500 organizations, start-up’s and everything… Read more

Attracting Top Talent Will Take Hard Work » New surveys looking at hiring intentions in the next decade suggest potential employees will be in the power position and companies will… Read more

Oleeo Hidden Talent in the Finance Industry

Employer’s Tweet Checks Not Always Legal » As so many people today post, blog and tweet their lives — both professional and personal — some companies may be interested in… Read more

15 Competitive Intelligence Tools for Recruiting » Competitive Intelligence. It’s the systematic gathering of open information and analysis to provide a better understanding of a competitor firm’s structure, culture, behavior,… Read more

Hiring Through Social Networking Sites » I would like to tell you the story of my friend in few lines. It really feels strange that he got his job through… Read more

Yes- it is Friday! We all made it another week. The month is half over and there are deals that need to be closed. So keep the focus on the… Read more

Have you ever been involved with a candidate that states they are working on making a decision between several great offers?  Kind of like LeBron James recently?  All of them… Read more

Top Headhunter’s Resume Writing Secrets Revealed » First, a little background by way of a brief case study of how I improved how my candidates resumes were written. The year… Read more

Easy In, Easy Out: Keeping Recruiting Simple » How much should we let chance and circumstances define who we hire, rather than continue to invest time in tough screening and… Read more

IT Staffing Firms File Suit Over New H-1B Rules » IT staffing firms that rely heavily on H-1B visa workers to deliver their services say they are now in a… Read more

What Does a Reputable IT Recruiter Do? » If you’re an IT professional currently seeking a new company to work for, you may be thinking to yourself what an IT… Read more

The Ethics of Online Recruiting » With the economy in constant change, job seekers are turning to social networking sites to find the latest “hidden opportunity” and recruiters are being… Read more

What Recruiting Professionals find Important during Interviews » Society For Human Resources Management surveyed 498 recruiting professionals from their membership on interviewing “do’s and don’ts” in mid September 2009. I… Read more

The Premiere of Top Recruiter Reality TV Show » Human Resources and Executive Recruiters are as important to corporate America as athletic scouts are to professional sporting teams. They can… Read more

Oleeo Hidden Talent in the Finance Industry

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