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eat this not that

Eat This, Not That: Slimming Down Interviews

There’s a health and nutrition book series called Eat This, Not That. It’s designed to provide readers with options to substitute...

80's trends

Fashion Forward and Hiring Trends

Claiming one recruiting method or tool is better than any other is like debating whether bell bottoms, skorts or cargo shorts are best.

express yourself

Express Yourself: The Real Secret of Retention

Learning how to talk to each other is a concept that’s becoming steadily more difficult thanks to the influx of a thousand different...


Go Your Own Way: The Only Career Advice That Matters in Recruiting and HR.

Early into my tenure in what I finally considered a “real” job, I decided for personal kicks and grins to take one of those...


Why Recruiters Don’t Have To Hate HR.

The only people fighting harder to earn credibility than recruiters are the rest of HR.  Pretty much everyone, everywhere, it seems, has...


Candidate Experience: Recruiters, Stop Making Excuses.

I was recently speaking with a friend who happened to be looking for work as an HR practitioner, too. And as you can imagine, our shared...


Admit It. Your Recruiting Process Is Biased.

There’s nothing our society loves more than sweeping stereotypes and convenient categories by which we can define and slap a label on...


Raising the Bar: Why Barriers to Entry Are A Big Deal for Recruiting.

There’s always been plenty of talking, tweeting, blogging, venting, ranting and raving about the sad state of recruiting – but...

super lame

The Big Lame: Tackling BS Buzzwords in Recruiting and HR

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and while I’m not legally allowed to call it the Super Bowl, having to refer to it as “The Big...

grohl dave ink

Talent Nirvana: Real Recruiting Lessons from A Real Life Rock Star.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and I’m right there with you – I normally skip right past those “lessons we can...

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