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Guarantee Your IT Hiring Managers a Great ‘Return on Interview’

 Guarantee Your IT Hiring Managers a Great ‘Return on Interview’ It takes tech expertise to properly gauge tech competencies and...

Lever Presents: HR Tech: Time To Stack Up

The HR Tech Stack: Build the Case, Get the Buy-In, & Get What You Want Recruiting software—in the eyes of executives, IT...

recruiting on facebook

Hacker Hour: Recruiting on Facebook

There are more than one billion Facebook members that spend up to 50 minutes a day  liking, sharing and commenting their way down a black...

gig economy

Sourcing For The Gig Economy

Gig economy is the latest buzzword. In every 2017 prediction and trends post, we’re seeing the gig economy pop up as the next big shift...


Recruiting on Twitter

Twitter is the “red-headed stepchild of recruiting.” Love it or hate it, the truth of the matter is there are great candidates on there...


Strings, Sourcing And Search Tools: Live!

A live q&a session with Dean Da Costa on sourcing strategies and tools to help you find the right candidates and their contact...

Network Blues: Why Recruiters Are The Only People Who Still Care About LinkedIn.

As I wrote in an earlier post, I’m kind of new to this whole recruiting thing. In my six months or so in this business, I’ve...

Hacks For Better Interviews: Coaching Hiring Manager

Join our esteemed panel of recruiting leaders to learn how they’ve avoided potential land mines and the tactics they’ve used to have...


Managing Hiring Managers: Building Credibility

In order to recruit effectively, we need trust. We need credibility. We need people to buy in to the change we want. This webinar can help.

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Is It Me You’re Looking For?: Sourcing Tools Breakdown

Dean Da Costa will present an array of new sourcing tools, tips and hacks to help your sourcing game and find talent faster.

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