Building diversity and inclusivity (D&I) in your hiring is not about leveraging current trends or meeting quotas. D&I is an important strategy to improve your company’s performance and attract high-quality candidates.

In our recent webinar, Diversity and Inclusivity to Attract Resourceful Candidates, Sophie Okonkwo, Global Talent Acquisition – Engineering EMEA at Microsoft, shared how to effectively implement diversity and inclusivity into your hiring practices.

To be effective, Okonkwo said D&I strategies have to be end-to-end in recruiting, starting with creating inclusive job descriptions. “I see some job descriptions that are repellant to candidates, using words that are not appropriate,” she said. “You need to use gender-neutral words.” She said to be careful about using phrases such as “strong candidates to work in a fast-paced environment” which can discourage potentially great candidates from applying.

Okonkwo also shared other D&I strategies in recruiting, such as:

  • Improving diversity in sourcing
  • Using blind hiring tools
  • Sharing D&I employment practices
  • Leveraging a screening framework for interviews
  • Ensuring diverse representation on the interview panel
  • Measuring and promoting D&I efforts

Okonkwo also emphasized the importance of investing in the next generation of diverse talents. “You cannot keep hiring out of the same pool if you are not replenishing that pool,” said Okonkwo.

Watch the webinar on-demand to get actionable tips on creating a diverse and inclusive end-to-end hiring process to improve business outcomes.

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