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Date March 14, 2023 2:00 pm ET
Duration 60 minutes
Location Zoom Webinars

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The Pay Transparency Movement

We’re in a new world of work. Things change, but it’s up to you to kick butt and adapt. And though it does feel like we’re all riding hands-up on the TA evolution rollercoaster right now, we’d say pay transparency is a good kind of change.


Play Your Cards Right

In poker, the more you show, the more likely you’ll lose. And let’s face it—talent attraction requires rolling the dice til your wrist gives out. But having the pay transparency card face up isn’t a setback, it’s a game changer.

Luckily, one that will work to your advantage.

Leave Your Poker Face at Home

On March 14th @ 2PM E.T., we’re going all in. But don’t expect an ace up the sleeve—we’re being real here. That’s what transparency is all about. We want the chips to fall in your lap and stay there. 

Join us for an exclusive RecruitingDaily training session built to move you forward in the Talent Acquisition landscape. Our expert is still on the table, but go ahead and book your seat, and we’ll update you with more takeaways and details shortly.


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