Cool resource put together by the good folks at Bullhorn whereby senior staffing industry leaders talk transparently about the real issues of the industry today — and how to rethink / even solve some of them. We love paying it forward to people trying to right the ship where it’s not right, so we want you to take a look. Here’s everything they’ve got so far.


Ted Bauer

Originally from New York City, Ted Bauer currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He's a writer and editor for RecruitingDaily who focuses on leadership, management, HR, recruiting, marketing, and the future of work. His popular blog, The Context of Things, has a simple premise -- how to improve work. Ted has a Bachelors in Psychology from Georgetown and a Masters in Organizational Development from the University of Minnesota. In addition to various blogging and ghost-writing gigs, he's also worked for brands such as McKesson, PBS, ESPN, and more. You can follow Ted on Twitter @tedbauer2003, connect with him on LinkedIn, or reach him on email at [email protected]