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A new startup company that launched Monday is looking to provide companies with an innovative way to acquire their next hire. This solution gives companies a powerful platform to not only post jobs and receive applications, but also screen candidates and even interview top prospects all on one site. Companies are able to do all of this at absolutely no charge.

Spark Hire, launched this Monday, is a robust and all encompassing solution for talent acquisition. By combining all phases of hiring a new employee, from the initial job post to the face to face interview, Spark Hire gives companies the rare ability to find their next hire quicker, easier and at absolutely no cost. Spark Hire does all this by integrating innovative online video services that help streamline the screening and interviewing process. “We live in a fast-paced, digital age where every minute matters,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “Our goal is to save companies precious time and money in their recruiting efforts.”

Spark Hire centralizes everything companies need to find the talent they want. Companies simply post a job on Spark Hire and receive applications from interested job seekers and consultants. However, companies receive more than just a resume. They receive a Profile Video: a 60 second video recorded by applicants in which they introduce themselves to companies and explain why they should be hired. This feature allows companies to instantly screen candidates based on communication skills and drive, something not possible with just a resume. It also serves as a time-saving alternative to phone interviews for identifying potential candidates.

With potential candidates identified, companies can set up online interviews with their top prospects. Utilizing the Spotlight Interview, companies can conduct a one-way interview in which they send multiple questions to candidates who respond back with 60-second video answers. Companies can watch the responses at their convenience and determine which candidate is a potential hire. Companies can also conduct an online Live Interview in which they interview a candidate through a real-time, split-screen video feed. The interview is recorded and available for playback whenever needed. Traditional face to face interviews involve scheduling conflicts, time commitments and expensive travel arrangements. Companies can even send e-mail invitations for online interviews to pre-existing candidates who have not signed up on Spark Hire yet. Spark Hire eliminates these conflicts by putting companies face to face with their top candidates in high quality, online video interviews.

“Achieving an objective requires focus,” says Tolan. “Spark Hire helps recruiters and hiring managers focus on the objective of making the perfect hire by centralizing all aspects of the talent acquisition process. Centralization makes Spark Hire powerful and video integration makes it personal.”

This powerful and personal combination makes Spark Hire the premiere recruiting solution for any company. Spark Hire offers their innovative features to all companies at no charge.

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