Using Quora to do an X-Ray Search


Today, we have a quick little demonstration on how you can use X-Ray searches with Quora to find people. There are 3 million people that are connected to this site, and some of them may be that perfect candidate you’re looking for!

How do you do this? Just pop open your search with a relevant keyword. You will then get a list of all the profiles that contain that word. For example, our search for the word nurse brought up over 51,000 results. Very cool! Now let’s see what other information we can get off someone’s profile.

We’re looking at this profile, and we have a full name, as well as a profile photo. Doing a reverse image search on the profile photo and adding their name to it brings us to a MyLife profile, so now we have a location as well! By doing a little more digging, we end up at Facebook, where we find her profile.

What we really want to stress is that it’s all about following the breadcrumbs. If you want simple and easy, you can do that. But remember, everyone else is doing that too.

If you want to find that diamond in the rough, sometimes you have to go a little above and beyond to source the right candidates. Give it a try!


~ Noel Cocca

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