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Doctor, doctor, gimme the news… Recruiter, recruiter, gimme some feedback! » Everyone has been to the doctor, right? Have you ever stopped to compare your Doctor to your Recruiter? You… Read more

Recruiter Enablement (Part 2) In this follow up to a previous article I wrote here introducing the concept of recruiter enablement and explaining its vital importance, here are 62 easy-to-implement… Read more

  The landscape of recruitment has undergone a seismic shift over the last decade. From traditional methods that dominated in 2023, to the AI-driven, data-centric approaches anticipated in 2030, the… Read more

How do you turn a competitive hiring market into not a source of potential burnout, but the ground from which you can thrive and become an even better recruiter? This… Read more

Recruiters play a critical role in finding and hiring the best talent for organizations. However, the recruitment landscape is constantly evolving, presenting recruiters with numerous challenges. In this article, we… Read more

The year was 2007. It was in the depths of the Great Recession when whispers of Anxiety connected to loss of jobs were sweeping the tech industry. Our core business… Read more

For recruiters, leveraging the power of the cloud is no longer optional — it is a necessity. Embracing it provides many advantages, from enhanced accessibility to offering valuable insights. Here… Read more

LinkedIn announced a wave of new AI-based capabilities for LinkedIn Recruiter. Between now and April 2024, Recruiter will incorporate a range of capabilities designed to improve the interaction between platform… Read more

It’s been said that experiences are what shape our lives. Of course, usually, when people say this, they’re referencing those monumental experiences, the kind of experiences that change the very… Read more

In the dynamic world of talent acquisition, one often overlooked aspect is the process of rejecting candidates. Companies and recruiters can benefit from expanding and optimizing the rejection feedback process…. Read more

SmartRecruiters launched its Q2 2023 release, which includes new capabilities aimed at strengthening the platform’s CRM and onboarding capabilities while allowing more workflow customization and additional integration capabilities. The release… Read more

In today’s Sourcing School Podcast episode, the dynamic teaching duo Ryan Leary and Brian Fink chat with Jeremy Schiff, the CEO and founder of RecruitBot. Jeremy discusses the value of AI… Read more

Diversity and inclusion are paramount in the workplace. They’re vital because they bring people together to foster creativity, better problem-solving, and a more resilient and adaptable workforce. However, one thing… Read more

Recruiters are swamped with a pile of resumes, job descriptions, interviews, and candidate assessments daily. Dealing with the ever-increasing demands of the hiring process, it becomes unavoidable to discover fresh… Read more

It’s no secret that recruiters are often left scrambling to find the best fit for their clients, as the top candidates are few and far between. Although recruiters now have… Read more

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