FluidData helps you approach recruiting from a new angle


FluidData is a search engine that sorts through podcast titles and transcripts to find relevant podcasts based on keywords. While this may seem like an odd approach to recruiting, it can actually prove very useful in finding talent.

The search engine’s function is pretty standard—you can input keywords and specify a date range. However, you can also create an account, which allows you to set alerts and save searches. From the search results, you can play podcasts directly, download the audio for later listening, and link through to the podcast’s website.

For recruiting, this can be a very quick way to locate experts in the field of your choice. Though it may take some additional steps or tools to find contact info, FluidData will allow you to be sure that the people you contact know what they are doing.

Here are some tips for using FluidData for recruiting:

  • Listen to the first segment of each podcast that seems promising. If a name is not listed in the description, chances are the speaker will introduce themselves.
  • Follow the breadcrumbs. You can click through FluidData to find the podcast’s site, where much more information can often be found.
  • FluidData can also lead you to new companies to recruit from.
  • Don’t be afraid to dig. Searching through a variety of podcasts, checking out the linked websites, and trying out different keywords can really pay off.

FluidData works great to find thought leaders and key individuals that represent a brand~ Noel Cocca

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