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We’re gearing up for another HRTX event! Join us on April 25th. We kick off at 10 am ET. Here’s the details: Since our HRTX event last September, AI has… Read more

Learn how AI applications streamline the talent acquisition process, augment ATS, reduce bias, and improve hiring outcomes.

This session will teach you the critical balance between automation and the invaluable human touch in recruitment.

Recruiters: Elevate your job search with our exclusive webinar. Discover cutting-edge tactics and networking strategies from Rachel Serwetz, CEO and Career Coach.

It’s time to take a deep dive into the world of financial equity and inclusion. Why? Because your employees deserve it, and so does your bottom line. We’ve got Jim Leahy, a total wizard in talent management, ready to spill the secrets.

Each day, from the 7th to the 22nd, we’ll be dropping an exclusive piece of content – tips, strategies, and some cool hacks that you won’t find anywhere else on our site.

This month’s highly anticipated #HRTX event, Talent Sleuths, invites you to an immersive training experience where you’ll master the art of recruitment like a true detective. The event will be… Read more

🚨 Lock in the primo spots before they’re gone! The chaotic conference schedule makes picking the right events overwhelming. Should you splurge on a big booth or save with a… Read more

In this demo day session, Gem will be knocking your virtual socks off with the latest AI updates inside the Gem platform. Gem uses generative artificial intelligence with its proprietary data to help recruiters find the best candidates, personalize communication at scale, and hire talent faster.

Join Dean Da Costa and Steve Levy live for “Dean and Steve’s Most Excellent Sourcing Journey!” This monthly show will be a free-flowing mash up of new age AI, strategies, tools, tactics, and over 70 combined years of sourcing and recruiting stories.

Stand out from the competition and roll out the red carpet for candidates. Attendees of this webinar will master the art of creating a 5-star candidate experience that talent will rave about.

In this deep dive, Dean will reveal his latest arsenal of undisclosed sourcing tools and techniques to help take your search skills to the next level.

Explore the hidden expenses of turnover and how it is impacting your income statement more than you realize. Discover strategic insights to mitigate costs, enhance productivity, and foster a stable, engaged workforce.

If you’ve struggled to find a solution to your job description woes, join us as we explore JDXpert, the modern job description management solution designed for today’s HR professionals.

Join us as Brie Bastidas unravels the mysteries of AI recruiting. She’ll share real-world success stories and use cases from talent leaders, as well as easy and practical ways to incorporate AI to accelerate your talent sourcing and outreach.

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