9 Power Boolean Search Techniques in 27 Minutes

We all know that recruiting can be difficult.  We here at Recruiting Daily strive to make your lives easier by providing advice from the best in the industry.  Our focus in this webinar is power boolean searches techniques.

9 power boolean searches to be exact. There are many tools and extensions that can be used to find the best candidates – it’s always a good reminder to keep things simple.  The power of boolean doesn’t require dollars and cents.  It requires patience and common sense.  Recruiters tend to over complicate their searches – it’s time to make things easier.

We cleared the house with over one thousand attendees! Thanks to everyone that attended. For those that could not make the session or had trouble getting in we do apologize as we were limited to attendees.  If you were confused don’t worry – we’ll be sure to share the recording so you can save all the information. Get ready to learn some power boolean searches!


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You can download the PDF notes HERE

In this session we covered:

In 27 Minutes you will have learned 9 techniques that most sourcer’s don’t think of.

1. 9 Power Search techniques. 3 Minutes each. 27 Minutes
2. 3 Fire-Fox Add-ons a Sourcer simply should not be without. 3 Minutes 30 seconds

By Noel Cocca

CEO/Founder RecruitingDaily and avid skier, coach and avid father of two trying to keep up with my altruistic wife. Producing at the sweet spot talent acquisition to create great content for the living breathing human beings in recruiting and hiring. I try to ease the biggest to smallest problems from start-ups to enterprise. Founder of RecruitingDaily and our merry band of rabble-rousers.