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Focus on the enjoyable and positive. I search for inspiration everyday.  Sometimes I find it in my kids eyes.  Sometimes in quiet time.  Sometimes when I am reading.  I am… Read more

Lessons In Candidate Engagement From The Old Spice Man » If you didn’t see it, Old Spice ran a great marketing campaign last week. Through social media platforms, they asked… Read more

Businesses Relying More On Pre-Employment Testing » Your next boss might want to know more than your last one about your personality, thought processes, motivations, work style, values and aptitude… Read more

Last month we looked at an introduction of LinkedIn and the role it played for recruiters. LinkedIn continues to evolve and incorporate new useful features that when used properly can be beneficial… Read more

Jobmagic Delivers the Industry’s First Social Media Optimized Job Postings » Jobmagic, the largest social media recruiting platform, today made available the industry’s first social media optimized (SMO) job postings…. Read more

The Top Ten Accounting Executive Search Firms» If you are on the lookout for accounting executive search firms, then you are at the right place, for we will help you… Read more

Robert Half Survey Reveals Workers Likely To Job Hunt As Recession Fades » Forty percent of professionals say the ebbing of the recession has made them more inclined to look… Read more

How to Recruit Great Health Care Professionals » Recruiting top health care professionals takes powers of persuasion, both in person and in writing. It also requires research into the health… Read more

Using Sales Recruiting For Filling Long Term Positions » Businesses today are able to take advantage of many services aimed at making operation and profitability easier and more efficient. Read… Read more

TalentFusion Acquires Fulbright Executive Search » TalentFusion, a leader in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry, announces the recent acquisition of Fulbright Executive Search, a boutique retained search and consulting firm… Read more

Social Media Is The Preferred Tool For Recruitment » Social media has transformed the way we communicate and connect with one another. Once a popular tool for personal use, companies… Read more

What Is Your Personal Brand? Tips From A Headhunter » If you do, then write down your own brand statement. What is it? What do you stand for? Does every… Read more

Sales Resumes Should Have Sales Numbers » There is one thing that hiring managers are really looking for when scanning resumes of sales reps for medical device, laboratory sales, biotech… Read more

A Day In The Life Of An IT Recruiter » The IT staffing is a very fast-paced, sometimes hectic industry. IT recruiters are speaking to hundreds of prospective candidates each… Read more

Uncertain Times Change Staffing Approaches » The current economic downturn creates more uncertainty for longer periods of time. It’s difficult to understand all of the economic forces at work, how… Read more

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