Last month we looked at an introduction of LinkedIn and the role it played for recruiters. LinkedIn continues to evolve and incorporate new useful features that when used properly can be beneficial to running your desk. To help see that you are getting the most from LinkedIn, Recruiting Daily asked 3 experts to share a tip with our readers.

Eve Mayer Orsburn is the CEO of Social Media Delivered and a LinkedIn Trainer. “Hunt where the Ducks are” She offered, “If you are a recruiter in a specific industry, join groups with professionals in that industry to gain direct access to passive candidates. Also Post jobs in the job section of that group for free.”

Mark Williams is Managing Director at ETN and also a LinkedIn Trainer. He is quick to make sure recruiters do not lose focus on the client side. “Use LinkedIn as a networking tool that allows you to build your profile with prospective clients and candidates, if all you do is source candidates from it then why shouldn’t your clients just do that themselves?”.

RD also had the opportunity to speak with Viveka von Rosen– CEO of Linked Into Business and she shared a great insight on why recruiters might wanted to consider a premium account. “I rarely recommend a paid account on LinkedIn.  I find with a bigger network, I simply don’t need the tools it offers.  I make an exception with one group – recruiters.  The extra search fields afforded a paid members, as well as the ability to connect with those outside one’s network, make the paid account an invaluable tool for recruiters.  Let’s face it, if your career and income are based on your being able to connect with specific people, then it’s worth the nominal fee.” She went on to add “That is not to say that recruiters should not develop a sizable network.  The bigger the network, the wider a net they can cast.  You must go wide before you can go deep.  And of course, I always say, “you are only as visible as the size of your network.”   It goes both ways.  The “waters” of LinkedIn become much clearer when your network is large.  Avoid the murk.  Grow a big network.  Get a paid account.” 

In additon to these greats tips I have one small one to offer of my own, which is to take advantage and utilize the new ‘follow’ feature on LinkedIn. Recruiters can learn all sorts of interesting information by following companies/organizations such as internal promotions, job openings, and expansion news. 

LinkedIn is quite a powerful tool for your desk when used properly. Hopefully a few of these great tips will work for you. Viveka von Rosen sums it up nicely- “Find who you need to. Connect and recruit. The strategy is easy – the execution is up to you.” A special thanks to all of our experts for taking the time to provide valuable insight. Our readers can learn more by following each of them also on Twitter;

Eve Mayer Orsburn – @LinkedInQueen
Mark Williams – @Mr_LinkedIn
Viveka von Rosen – @LinkedInExpert

So how are you using LinkedIn? Have a tip to share with other recruiters? Feel free to share a comment with our readers.