peoplecamp robot


Let People Camp Bots Sort Your Candidates


People Camp is an automated tool that quickly sorts through social profiles to gather information and contacts. It then imports this information into your own personal database.

Most of the heavy lifting with People Camp is done through its Chrome Extension. Unlike many recruiting extensions, People Camp does not make you separately add each desired candidate to your list. Instead, the extension serves as a robot that you set to sort through candidates and download the relevant information automatically.

  • You can run People Camp from LinkedIn and a variety of other social sites, either from a search or from your connections.
  • Among the robot’s settings is the option to automatically Connect or Message with each candidate in the search.
  • You can also set People Camp to download the full profiles of each candidate.
  • Tags allow you to easily mark candidates from a search for quick access later from the People Camp App.
  • You are in charge of how many candidates the robot goes through, and how quickly.
  • The “Teams” feature allows you to avoid downloading the same information as others from your company or team.

Once you’ve completed a search and download, you can view all of your imported profiles from the People Camp App. You can search through these according to which pool they are in, any tags you have added, or through a search.

People Camp is an interesting and useful tool and allows you to maximize your time. ~Noel Cocca


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