LittleSis Database



Use Little Sis to find links between your connections


Little Sis is a site dedicated to a free database outlining the connections between powerful people and organizations. It contains information about a variety of different fields and industries. Though the site does take some exploring, you may find exactly what you need.

Though the homepage will give you a few suggested lists to look through, the site is best explored by inputting your own search terms.

  • Input the keywords or industries you are searching for connections in. Little Sis will bring up relevant Lists, Entities, and Network Maps.
  • Lists are collections of relevant information, such as the top donors to a cause or top companies in a particular industry.
  • Entities are specific companies or committees. Little Sis lists the top leadership, political contributions, and more of these entities.
  • Network Maps are visual representations of how various people and entities in an industry are connected. They range from large to small, and can contain a lot of valuable information.

All of this information allows you to draw connections between your contacts and those you are trying to reach, in order to further your own network.

Additionally, Little Sis is a free site. It is maintained by a non-profit organization, and though you have the option to make an account and donate, it is not necessary. ~ Noel Cocca  


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