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The Recruiting Metrics You Need Help On

The gold standard recruiting metrics of the past decade or so have been: Time to hire/time to fill Quality of hire Both make sense:...

Fuzzy Math: Why Time to Fill Sucks.

Oh, “time to fill.” If you’re a recruiter, the very mention of this metric is enough to send shivers down your spine;...

The Future of Work: A Recruiting Playbook for People Analytics.

Have you ever seen one of those inspirational football movies? I’m confident you’ve seen at least one. Think movies...

5 Metrics Recruiters Should Care About

As I sat down to begin this post, I decided to start out with some good old-fashioned Internet research. Googling the term “recruiting...

The Need for New Key Performance Indicators in Recruiting & Hiring

It's time for a change in the key performance indicators for recruiting.

Metrics that Matter: Moving Past Social Brand Awareness

Tips to measure brand awareness in your recruiting organization.

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