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Recruiters: Elevate your job search with our exclusive webinar. Discover cutting-edge tactics and networking strategies from Rachel Serwetz, CEO and Career Coach. Learn to craft a dynamic job search strategy, analyze your efforts, and pivot towards success. Join us for goal-setting workshops, networking tips, and more to transform your job hunt. Secure your spot today for a career-changing experience!

Nearly two-thirds of employers, 61%, say they’re having difficulty retaining employees, and 73% are having difficulty attracting talent, according to research by the Integrated Benefits Institute. In response, employers have… Read more

While honoring Black Americans this February, it’s good for employers to check in with what they’re doing to support Black workers. However, it’s also a good time to understand the employment… Read more

Job seekers often remain in their job search for many months, causing them to either face scope creep of the roles they’re targeting or become tempted to say yes to… Read more

It might be a candidate’s market out there, but that doesn’t mean candidates are happy. According to the Talent Board, the number of candidates who have a positive experience when… Read more

The Covid-19 pandemic threw a wrench in almost every aspect of the job searching world. Workers were forced to rethink their careers and strategies, and employers faced similar dilemmas. Flexibility… Read more

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