recruiting may be the hottest new method of sourcing potential job candidates, but it won’t be effective without a deliberate social recruiting strategy.

With so many social media tools in the recruiter’s toolbox, and new ones emerging almost every day, it can be easy to try everything in a haphazard way.

It can be easy to dive into every new social opportunity that comes along without a clear understanding of what will work for your company, what won’t work and why.

Before you jump into social recruiting just for the sake of social recruiting, it’s important to understand the strategies that have worked for other companies.Before undertaking a social recruiting strategy, determine your goals and the problem you want to solve.

Then consider various strategies that could help solve that problem. For instance, here are some common recruiting challenges and how social recruiting can provide solutions that work:

  • Challenge: Creating an Authentic Brand. Reading employee feedback is a great way to get a sense of the pros and cons of working at your company, and help you make things better. But that feedback is also contributing to how others view your brand. To make sure this is in accordance with the employer message you’re trying to send, respond to employee feedback publicly so job seekers and your workforce understand how much you appreciate that feedback and want to make your company an even better place to work.
  • Challenge: Reaching a mobile audience. As workers become increasingly mobile, it is more and more important to be able to reach potential job candidates through their mobile devices. In fact, close to 30 percent of all web traffic comes through mobile devices, according to a Walker Sands Mobile Traffic Report. Companies that don’t have a mobile-friendly web presence and don’t make it easy to search and apply for jobs on a mobile device will lose out on quality candidates. Social recruiting can be used to attract talent through mobile targeting.
  • Challenge: Increasing candidate quality. Most likely, your current employees know the types of people you want to hire. By utilizing employee networks on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can automatically broadcast position openings to your employees’ friends and acquaintances. Turning every employee into a recruiter can quickly and dramatically increase candidate flow and quality, and it utilizes the power you already have in your social networks.
  • Challenge: Building relationships with potential candidates. Today’s recruiters need to do more than simply broadcast open positions. They need to cultivate personal relationships and communicate their employer brand to reap the results they want. Social media is made for relationship building, so social recruiting, when carefully planned and initiated, can solve this issue. Recruiters can use their company career blogs, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media to participate in ongoing conversations with job searchers and potential job candidates. Through these relationships, recruiters can learn who the candidates really are, and the candidates learn what their companies are really all about.
  • Challenge: Streamlining the career application process. Every new recruiting tool needs to seamlessly integrate with existing systems to avoid duplicating data or processes. Social recruiting can offer opportunities to streamline the entire process to make it easier for both recruiter and job applicant. For instance, mobile recruiting can allow candidates to discover and apply for open positions on their phones or other mobile devices. Social recruiting solutions such as prerecorded interviews, available through sites like InterviewStream and Async Interview, allow multiple job candidates to record video responses to a set of questions for a certain job, so recruiters can assess candidates quickly and efficiently and get a more personal candidate experience than a phone interview.

This post originally appeared on the Glassdoor Talent Solutions Blog.  

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