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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SelectMinds, a developer of social recruiting and community management solutions, announced an upgrade to its TalentVine online referral recruiting engine that will help HR managers tap into the social networks of their employees to create a community of pre-screened talent.

The new Referral Communities feature, now available on TalentVine, is designed to systematize the referral process across social networks, giving HR personnel the ability to effortlessly solicit active and passive job candidates referred by the most reliable source available: their existing employees.

“Everyone in the HR industry agrees that employee referral programs are the most effective recruiting tool available, but very few have been able to deploy that process to consistently unlock the referral power of an employee population,” said Anne Berkowitch, CEO, SelectMinds. “With Referral Communities, we’ve created the infrastructure that enables social referral programs to be deployed throughout an organization, turning thousands of employees into talent ambassadors, all with a common cause and a consistent methodology.”

TalentVine Referral Communities work by first matching open jobs to the relevant social connections in an employee population. When matches are found, employees are prompted to share the open job with their relevant contacts. Those contacts are then invited to join the company’s Referral Community where HR can stay in touch while building a pipeline of active and passive talent that has been vetted by existing employees.

The entire Referral Community process from initial job matching to invitation into the community is fully automated, following SelectMinds’ proven best practices for building and maintaining employee engagement with corporate social networks. In addition, the SelectMinds Customer Success team is available to work with each client to customize the process to their unique recruiting needs.

“We hear it again and again from recruiters: ‘I have 40,000 employees; how can I get them to help me source talent?’” said Jim Milton, Director of Product Marketing, SelectMinds. “The fact is: quality talent referrals now only take a few clicks if your employees have the right tools. With Referral Communities we are giving every employee the resources and consistent processes they need to become talent scouts for the company.”

The new TalentVine upgrade has also been optimized for mobile users, enabling full referral functionality via smart phone and tablet computers.

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