Saves you time, second by second.


Many common recruiting tools and applications work from sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, where scrolling to the bottom of the page can easily waste away your precious time. However, there is a tool out there that take this tedious process and makes is simple, painless, and fast.

Scroll to Bottom is a simple Chrome Extension that does exactly that—it scrolls to the bottom of the page with one simple click.

  • Instead of manually scrolling, and waiting, and scrolling, and waiting, you can simply click the extensions icon a few times and load hundreds and hundreds of profiles.
  • Your other tools, such as scraping tools, can then be used to save all of these profiles, and find you the information you need.

This may not seem like something worth having a tool for. However, if you think about how long you spend scrolling, and can easily add up. Each click may only save you a few seconds, but those few seconds can add up to hours and hours you could have spent in more productive ways.

Scroll to Bottom was created by Single Click Apps, which has a number of other simple tools that can save you time and brainpower. This great tool and others are definitely worth testing out. ~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: