How to use Roof Top Slushie and TeamBlind for your Recruiting Advantage

Recruiters have so many great tools at their fingertips. Yet, they often shy away from some of the best, simply because they aren’t sure how to make full use of them. Roof Top Slushie and TeamBlind are among these great tools that scare some recruiters. With so many companies experiencing furloughs and layoffs due to the Coronavirus epidemic, these two websites have been great resources for sourcing potential candidates.

On these platforms, users can join anonymously to discuss career advice and recruiting tips for the tech industry. The concept alone can make them extremely valuable to you as a recruiter. So long as you know how to properly utilize them.


Roof Top Slushie

There are a few different helpful features that you can utilize with Roof Top Slushie. The first is the “Rate My Resume” feature. This feature allows you to view users’ resumes anonymously and then rate them. Sharing advice will help others advance. You can post your own resume for feedback (with all personal info removed, of course) from other users in the same way.

Another helpful feature you’ll find on Roof Top Slushie is “Find Referrals.” You can use it to connect and network with others in the tech recruiting space. This is a very handy networking feature that any recruiter could benefit from using. You just need to start taking advantage of it.

Additional features like the Job Interviews section help better understand your competition in the recruiting sector. Also, the Offer Evaluation section shows how much your competitors are earning through their salary. These features will also prove quite handy for recruiters.

With all of this in mind, if you only use one thing on Roof Top Slushie, you should probably focus on the Career Advice section. This is a wonderful question-and-answer resource where you can find advice and feedback on some of the most pressing topics in the tech recruiting industry today. It’s definitely worth checking out. Even if you just skim it every once in a while.



TeamBlind is another anonymous recruiting tool that you should consider using. If you want to stay on top of your game. Unlike Roof Top Slushie, which has a whole suite of tools, TeamBlind keeps things very focused and productive.

When you go to TeamBlind, you can do one of three things: learn about salary ranges, network with other recruiters, or share career advice.

The real-time salary comparison tool will also help you get up-to-the-minute info on how much others are making. For your salary comparison, you can enter all sorts of information about your own salary, including your stock options and years of experience. The result is an extremely accurate comparison to what others are making.

Like every industry, TeamBlind also has a dedicated discussion board for those in the recruiting space. You can focus on the most relevant and engaging content to help you advance in your career.

Jonathan Kidder

Jonathan Kidder, AKA the “WizardSourcer,” is a top-ranked technical talent sourcing recruiter, staffing expert, and corporate trainer who assists organizations of all sizes in identifying and attracting top talent. A wizard at harnessing the power of social networking, Boolean strings, search aggregators, deep web searching, scrapers, and other advanced technology tricks and tools. In 2015, he founded a recruiting blog called, which has become one of the leading knowledge resources for recruiters online. He is the author of the book Top Talent Sourcing Tools for Recruiters which is available on Amazon.