Sourcing Technical Candidates with HireFast


We’re looking at a new tool called HireFast. This is a tech-specific search platform, with software developer candidates pulled from GitHub and then aggregated through other social networking sites.

What makes this tool different? HireFast scores each candidate based on their skill set. So, when you do a candidate search, the tool sorts the results from most skilled to least skilled in the area you’re searching. Each profile detail will give a breakdown of the candidate score.

Options for each search result include email outreach, save to folder, add to favorites. The email outreach feature includes templates to help you compose your message. Note that the tool does not provide the email address for you, but you can locate that elsewhere.

Not a bad tool, and it’s still new. Locations to search within the US are limited but we expect that to be expanded as they grow.

This could really turn into something fantastic. Right now, it’s free to try for 3 days. Certainly worth a closer look!

~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: