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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 27, 2012 Got a minute? Job seekers now have a creative and effective alternative for applying to jobs that takes just 60 seconds. Spark Hire , a Chicago based company that launched on February 13, 2012, is revolutionizing the way job seekers apply for jobs by enhancing their resumes with online video.

Before, job seekers would struggle to find a way to make their resumes stand out to employers. They were constrained to uniformed templates of black and white text to communicate their important attributes and skills. Now, Spark Hire’s innovative service breaks down these barriers and limitations by bringing static resumes to life.

Spark Hire offers the Profile Video as an enhancement to the frustrated job seeker’s resume. It is a powerful 60 second video that employers can receive and review when a job seeker applies for jobs both on SparkHire.com as well as on other job sites. Through it, job seekers can discuss their skills, experiences and why they think a company should hire them. In just 60 seconds, job seekers can effectively showcase their creativity, candor and communication skills to employers. For the first time ever, job seekers can have employers see them and not just their resumes.

When job seekers apply for jobs on SparkHire.com, their resumes and Profie Videos are instantly sent to employers. Job seekers can even apply for jobs on other sites by copying and pasting a customized link to their Profile Video.

“Today’s job market is tough because there’s a lot of competition for a limited number of opportunities. Job seekers need a way to get ahead of that competition,” said Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “Spark Hire solves that problem by putting these job seekers directly in front of employers. Now all job seekers have the chance to tell employers why they should be hired.”

The service is avaiable at absolutely no charge. Job seekers can have their own Profile Video by signing up on SparkHire.com and record their video via webcam. The video will be prominently placed on their Profile and will be submitted to employers anytime they apply for jobs on Spark Hire. Job seekers finally have an easy way to stand out in a job market full of competition.

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