DiversityReports.org will show you the most and least diverse companies

Let’s talk about Diversityreports.org. This is a great site that we really should be paying more attention to. We know that women and minorities are still underrepresented in the workplace, and Diversityreports.org has aggregated all of the employee data from the Drafted Network into one site. What it does, is it gives the diversity percentage breakdown of gender and ethnicity for all the top companies. You can look at the breakdown per company that shows their percentage of gender in tech, or gender in leadership. You can see the diversity percentages of ethnicities overall as well as in the tech sector. Sexual orientation will be added to the site down the road as well.

Pretty cool, but how does this help you? Well, it’s all about the data. If you’re looking to target women in technology, this would be a great way to pinpoint the best companies to source from. It will show you what companies are best to target, and also who not to.

~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: