Amazing Hiring has added a great, built-in AI feature


Amazing Hiring is a great sourcing search website that builds a lot of different capabilities into one tool.

The search aspect of the tool is divided into four main tabs, that each helps you streamline your sourcing process.

  • The Search Form allows you to create very specific search qualifications. For example, you can include a variety of different skills, choose a location, and add or exclude certain conditions.
  • The Saved Queries tab allows you to make searches that you have previously saved, and search them again without going through the entire process. This can be particularly useful if you are doing a very specific search that includes many conditions, and can end up saving you a lot of time.
  • The History tab shows you all of your past searches. When you are doing search after search after search to find talent that is just right, you can easily forget what search conditions you’ve already tried. This History tool allows you to avoid unnecessary repetition and saves you time.
  • Last – but certainly not least – is the new AI Sourcing option.

Amazing Hiring has recently added this AI Sourcing tool, which prompts you to select a category and input a location. It then finds you detailed contacts that match your search. From this search, you can easily add and take away other filters, such as years of experience, types of contact information available, education, diversity, and much more.

Amazing Hiring also provides a way for you to take all of these contacts that you have found and sort them into folders for later use. The Folders aspect of the tool is actually quite powerful and can act as a mini CRM of sorts.

In addition to these great functionalities, Amazing Hiring also has the ability to work with other tools (such as Greenhouse), work as a team with multiple members, and has a designated Chrome Extension. With all of these options, Amazing Hiring is definitely worth exploring – it could be the perfect tool for your workflow. ~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: