AllBiz is more than a business search engine.


We’re talking a new tool, new site called AllBiz. What this site does, is give you a business search engine. If that were all it did, though, we wouldn’t be here. There’s more to it when you look a little closer.

In the search as a test, we put in Microsoft and Washington state. You can see that it comes up with a bunch of different results. Take a look at that first result: you have a business contact and a title.

Not only that, but there’s an email address…and a direct line.

You can also see the sectors they work in and other cool information about the company stats. You don’t get a ton of info, but this looks like something useful to add to your research pile.

Something worth looking at.  Check out the video and see what happens when Dean does an x-ray search using AllBiz.


~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: