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Job interviews are just a small part of a fine recruitment process, which requires much more tools and insights that can be accessed through trustworthy data. The role of recruitment… Read more

In this webinar, PJ LeDorze shares his experiences using data to improve hiring processes. He emphasizes data-driven approaches, candidate engagement, and addressing hiring bias for successful outcomes.

In this session, PJ LeDorze helps you understand the massive power of predictive analytics and big data. Learn how to use this information to beef up your hiring process and educate your hiring leaders.

It’s only been fairly recently that human resources has even become codified as a profession. The Industrial Revolution and the subsequent manufacturing age at the dawn of the 2oth century… Read more

I read an article the other day that had me confused. The title implied (as this one does at first) that “location” and “aggregation” are competitors for the future of… Read more

Big Data has been around for many years especially in the areas of sales, marketing and customer
segmentation and has served these areas well I believe. But, over the past year or two, Big Data has
announced itself on the scene of the HR profession

On today’s episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast, William Tincup speaks to Tom from isolved about talent acquisition challenges that can be solved with predictive people analysis. Some Conversation Highlights: Well,… Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many fields and talent analytics is no exception. Talent analytics, a branch of HR analytics, aims to use data analytics to understand and improve employee… Read more

To make recruitment more competitive, organizations use data analytics to improve their hiring processes. Job candidate data can assist hiring managers to make better decisions about new applicants. This approach… Read more

Workforce intelligence firm Workforce Logiq signed an exclusive data partnership with LinkUp, a provider of job market data and analytics. The companies said LinkUp’s labor-market demand insights will be integrated… Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Recruitment Analytics HR is under increasing pressure to justify the ROI of recruiting today. As HR embraces the idea of data-driven decision-making, the recruiting function stands… Read more

We’ve been talking about People Analytics for a few years now, and/or Predictive Hiring Metrics. Some organizations are far ahead of the field here, while most are still buried in… Read more

There’s never been a clear cut consensus on where, exactly, sourcing ends and recruiting begins in the hiring process. It’s a distinction that data is increasingly rendering more and more… Read more

Have you ever seen one of those inspirational football movies? I’m confident you’ve seen at least one. Think movies like Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall or more recently Draft Day,… Read more

As someone who’s more or less grown up with the commoditization and corporate adoption of social media, and as someone who gets paid to do this stuff, I’ve seen a… Read more

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