Job title inflation. The blatant attempt of job seekers to try and make their rather boring job title sound just that bit more credible. We see it a lot as recruiters. We also see the worst job titles.

But while lofty job titles can have a reportedly adverse effect in business, they can also lead to some rather hilarious creations!

But I guarantee that whatever pumped up job titles you’ve had the misfortune of reading over the years, are bad, they’ll never be quite a terrible as the 30 Worst Job Titles of All Time, as voted for by readers of!:

30 Worst Job Titles of All Time:

1. Erection Engineer (Manufacturing plant position)

worst job title
2. Chief Hooker (Cable Yarding Systems)
3. Cased Hole Log Analysis Specialist (Oil/Energy position)
4. Knob Head (Transportation position)

worst job title
5. Shaft Serviceman (Mining position)
6. District Beaver Leader (Fundraising)
7. S&M Administrator (Sales & Marketing Administrator)
8. Shaft & Tunnel Manager (Tunnelling Engineer)

worst job title

9. Domestic Violence COORDINATOR (Shelter employee)
10. Dreams Fulfiller (Financial Services)
11. Male Specimen Courier (Frozen Semen Delivery)

worst job title
12. Dike Mapping Researcher (Environmental Engineer)
13. BM in Johnsville (Branch Manager for a bank in Johnsville)
14. Vision Clearance Engineer (Windshield Replacer)

worst job title
15. Change Catalyst (Business executive)
16. Social Media Thought Leader (Staffing and Recruiting) – I bet a few of you are guilty of this one! Shame on you!!!

worst job title
17. Sr. Creatologist (Professional Coaching service)
18. Chief Imagination Officer (Technology)
19. Part-Time Package Handler (Warehouse/Shipping)

worst job titles
20. Die Process Engineer (Stamping Dies Engineer)

worst job title
21. SE Expert aka Sexpert (Systems Enterprise Expert)
22. Ideation Director (Marketing)
23. Canine Relocation Specialist (Dog Catcher)

worst job title
24. Advanced Scrum Master (Manager or analyst in Agile Development project)
25. Nutritional Intervention Advisor (Weight Loss Expert)
26. Christian Life Coach (Ministry)

worst job title
27. Chief Evangelist (Financial Services)
28. Bone Regeneration Specialist (Medical field)

worst job title
29. Integration Synchronicity Specialist (Technology)
30. Human Relations Specialist (Human Resources) – LOL

What’s the worst job title you’ve ever come across or had yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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