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They call it “social media” but I’m unclear when it transitioned from social to just that annoying thing we call media. Social implies that we talk, we converse and we build a relationship – not that we blast and budget to force a conversation. Across the board, we’ve started treating these social mediums like a TV ad – 30 seconds of promotion to inspire instead of playing the long game and developing a real relationship.

Bad tactics drive bad results. Which means we’re left with a really low candidate response rate, even while the job market is booming. What used to work when social media was still a “new thing” doesn’t work any more. It’s time for a serious change but most simply don’t know where to start. They know they should be using social media for recruiting but the how? Not so obvious.

It’s simply reprehensible that anyone thinks they can get away with tweeting a job with a bunch of hashtags and calling it “social recruiting” in this day and age, yet it’s still happening. A lot. Proof. 

That’s why I’ve invited Katrina Collier to join me for the next RecruitingLive. She is a social recruiting specialist and keynote speaker who understands the right strategies for making social recruiting work. With her creativity and low threshold for BS, she’s going to demystify the perceived complexities of making social media perform in a recruiting context and teach all of us how to drive better social recruiting experiences and improve candidate response rates.

Bring your questions, comments and ideas. That’s what RecruitingLive is all about. Our agenda is driven by your questions, comments and curiosities.

See you there…

Katrina Kibben


Katrina Collier, Social Media Recruitment Trainer, The Searchologist
Transforming HR & Recruiters into Certified Searchologists. Social Media Recruitment Training & Global Keynote Speaker
Twitter: @WinningImpress
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Katrina Kibben, Managing Editor, RecruitingDaily
For most of Katrina's career, she has been a marketer living in a recruiter's world - listening to both sides of the talent equation to understand endemic issues and conceptualize solutions for engaging and (hopefully) hiring better people.
Twitter: @katrinakibben
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