Wordtracker Scout speeds up and refines your recruiting process


Wordtracker Scout is a Chrome Extension that pulls relevant words and phrases from the web and shows you a variety of data based on these terms.

When you open the tool, it scours the site you are on to find terms, and then allows you to view this information in a variety of formats.

  • The Page Summary tab displays the most common terms in a visual way, allowing you to draw some quick conclusions right off the bat. The most common terms appear larger and darker, and terms used less frequently are smaller and lighter.
  • The Insights tab breaks down the terms by relevance. You can also change the relevance settings, allow the tool to pull anywhere from almost all words to only the most relevant words.
  • The Keywords tab shows how the terms found on this page are used by others. You can see the number of searches these terms appear in, as well as the number of other profiles that use the term prominently. Wordtracker also determines the Opportunity the word provides, comparing the number of people searching the term with the number using the term. The higher the Opportunity number, the more effective using this term may be.
  • You can also narrow the Keywords tab by location, focusing specifically on your chosen area.

You can copy the information from any of these tabs, allow you to keep it for later reference. If you subscribe to the paid version of Wordtracker, you can also save information directly to the app.

Wordtracker is useful on any sort of online profiles. It can help determine whether a person is right for a position, and allow you to compare profiles to job description. It can also help you to determine which keywords to use in future searches for candidates, and even help you to create better job descriptions.

Wordtracker is simple, and low-resource, and works great with both online profiles and (especially) resumes.  ~ Noel Cocca

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