Linkedin_heart_logoStruggling to find your significant other the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

If I may make a suggestion: woo a recruiter. Stop scratching your head and let me explain. Work-related stress is a leading cause of relationship squabbles.

While landing your dream job won’t resolve all relationship woes, it will give you and your significant other one less thing to squabble over, and as a result, likely improve your relationship.

So, do yourself and your loved one a favor this Valentine’s Day: woo a recruiter!

So how do you do that? For insights from the trenches, we turned to popular recruiting site, and asked recruiters, “What should job seekers do to woo you?”

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Get relationship-ready. Founder and CEO of ProfessionalExec Recruiters Nick Lagos says, “Don’t wait till you need a job to be presenting yourself as an ‘A’ player. Establish a digital footprint and maintain it at all times.” Eric Foutch, digital media manager at Red Branch Media, says, “Recruiters spend a lot of time on LinkedIn looking for high performers. The best way to become a high performer is to connect with people in your industry, showcase your knowledge by sharing relevant information, and start thought provoking conversations in groups.”
  • Do your homework. “Take time to learn about the company that we work for,” says ReachLocal Talent Acquisition Operations Manager Jim Wahl. “It’s a great help when someone reaches out to me regarding a specific position rather than stating ‘please take a look at my resume and let me know if I am a fit for any position in your company.’”
  • Shoot straight. “I’m amazed at all of the well-meaning advice given to job seekers about ‘tips and tricks’ when honest communication is all that is usually needed,” says Leute Management Services CEO Tom Bolt. “If I ask you a question, give me a straight answer. Don’t say what you guess I want to hear and don’t hide information that you know I will need to represent you. I can’t be your advocate if I can’t trust you.”
  • Emphasize your compatibility. “1. Really read the job description and speak to why you are a fit based on the needs outlined, both in your communications to the recruiter but also in your resume. 2. Learn about the company first — speak to why you are interested, what inspired you to apply, and definitely know the company’s business and how you can help. 3. Be passionate about the opportunity and make an effort to show that this is not just ‘another job’ but a desired career choice,” says Ed Nathanson, senior director of global talent acquisition at Rapid7.
  • Share your story. Apple Senior Technical Recruiter John Turnberg says, “As a job seeker, think of your work history as a book. What is the story that it tells and why is it compelling? Your cover letter, InMail message or email can be viewed as the synopsis that is found on the back cover, which creates the need or desire to find out more.” Nicole Greenberg Strecker, managing director of STA USA, says, “An engaging note with a bit of a story makes me want to pass your info along, even if I can’t help you myself. Many recruiters get countless connection requests everyday. Send a personal message and make yourself more than just another avatar.”
  • Call me. “Recruiters sift through so many applications a day yet it still amazes me how few candidates actually pick up the phone to follow up and sell themselves to me,” says Harvey Alexander Recruitment and Talent Director Matthew Harvey. “Follow up your application with a timely phone call a few days later. You may be surprised with the response.”
  • But don’t appear too desperate. “Demonstrate you know the difference between responsible follow-up and stalking,” says Crystal Miller, digital strategist for AT&T’s HR and recruitment teams. “Yes, I want to hear from you, but not every day.”
  • And above all else, be confident. “Be confident,” says Red Branch Media Chief Marketing Brain Maren Hogan. “Prove yourself not just with your skills and what’s listed on the resume and cover letter but with your email skills, a phone call where you display phone etiquette and assertive confidence. Every single connection you have with the company MUST prove that there is a reason I should hire you.”

So there you have it. Woo a recruiter this Valentine’s Day, land your dream job, and live happily ever after.

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates, tickets to a game or long stemmed red roses.

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