Human Predictions brings both high volumes of people and detailed specifications


Human Predictions is an app that gathers potential talent from a variety of different sites into one easy-to-use tool. Its detailed candidate profiles set it apart from other tools. Meanwhile, its large candidate pool allows you to source talent you may not have found otherwise.

Once in the app, you can search for candidates in a variety of ways.

  • Entering keywords in the search bar allows you to target specific titles, skills, companies, and more.
  • Selecting specific technologies also allows you to refine the result pool.
  • Choosing which social networks to search through allows you to target previously unseen talent. Human Predictions can search through everything from LinkedIn to Stack Overflow to Flickr.
  • Specifying a location ensures that the candidates will be nearby.

Human Predictions provides a larger list of results than many other tools, making it invaluable in the search process.

The results are displayed with name, title, company, and social links. However, much more information can be found by clicking through to the candidate’s profile on Human Predictions. Here you can find extensive work history, skills, many social profile links, important career events, education, and more.

Other useful features include:

  • Watchlists allow you to sort and easily locate candidates for future use.
  • The Human Predictions Chrome Extension enhances the information you can find about people while on other sites.

Overall, Human Predictions is a powerful tool, and well worth trying out. One downside is that the location tool runs a bit slow, but that is a small price to pay for all the other benefits. ~ Noel Cocca


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