Find contact info and create email lists with Adorito


Adorito is a Chrome Extension that works with LinkedIn to gather contact information for potential candidates. It does a great job gathering as much information as possible and is also reasonably priced.

Like many other similar tools, Adorito works within LinkedIn, appearing on the side of the screen.

  • While on a person’s profile, you can see if Adorito has found any contact information.
  • Then, you can choose “Show Info” to reveal the contacts. This can include work and personal email addresses, as well as phone numbers.
  • You can also have Adorito create email lists by performing a search on LinkedIn. Adorito will gather the relevant contact info of people who appear in the search, and then provide an Excel document with this information, for easy downloading.

While the tool does offer features that are common with many other extensions, Adorito is a great choice due to its speed and high success rate in finding info.

Additionally, Adorito offers very reasonable pricing packages. First, you get a number of credits free. Then, instead of charging a monthly or annual fee, Adorito charges for individual credits. One hundred credits, for example, cost just four dollars.

Adorito’s ease of use and reasonable pricing make it well worth a try. It could be just right for your recruiting needs! ~ Noel Cocca


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