Swordfish can help you use Facebook groups for sourcing


One of the biggest untapped resources for sourcing are Facebook Groups. There are so many of these groups available, and they are filled with professionals for every type of profession available. Except, finding contact information for each person would be tedious, right? Not with Swordfish!

If you don’t know about Swordfish, check out some of our past posts and reviews, here and here! Their Chrome extension is free to download, and it’s free to sign up. With their trial, you get 5 credits each month for two months just to try it out.

First, find the group you want to source from. If the group is public, or if you are a member of the group, you will be able to see the entire member list. Open that page up and you will see Swordfish automatically pull all the names out of the group for you. Select the ones you want, or select them all and then save! You can also limit to the results that only have a mobile phone or email address available if you’d like.

Save to a new or existing list, and you can have Swordfish start locating the rest of their contact information! This will save a whole lot of time and leverage these groups as a resource!


~ Noel Cocca

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