SalesIntel is a great tool for targeting senior-level talent


SalesIntel is a powerful tool that helps you locate talent and contact info using specific search terms. There are two main sections of the tools: “Companies” and “Contacts”.

In the “Companies” tab, you can search for companies by name, domain, location, and more. Once a company is chosen, you are shown a variety of relevant information.

  • Standard information such as industry, size, annual revenue, location, and contact info is made clear and easy to find.
  • More advanced information, such as the names of top executives or the company’s partners in areas like cloud services and software, is also available.

The “Contacts” tab is also vital, as it allows for both very broad and very specific searches, and gives you the option to view contact info.

  • You are given a choice of what information to include in your results, such as title, phone, and address.
  • The search engine offers a wide variety of filters, including Job Level, Department, Title, Company, and more. This makes it especially good for locating senior level talent.
  • You can choose which contacts you want to view more information, including contact information, for.
  • Alternatively, you can search for information on specific people based on name and email address.

SalesIntel produces many verified contacts, and even allows you to export these as a csv in order to view later or import into other tools. Additionally, the tool provides you with some free contact reveals, and more contacts are reasonably priced.

SalesIntel is a powerful tool and is definitely worth testing out! ~ Noel Cocca


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