UK Tech Companies Fall Behind US Counterparts In Social Recruiting »

Cork, Oct 18 – New research from, a recruitment software provider, shows that US companies are far ahead of their UK counterparts when it comes to using the web and social media for recruitment.

LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media network for recruitment. It’s impossible to accurately say how many companies use it to search for candidates but only 14% of UK companies and 25% of US companies are directly advertising positions on it.

Only 9% of UK companies are using Twitter to promote vacancies. 23% of US companies are doing so. This may tie in with the fact that more US companies use Applicant Tracking Systems which often auto post to Twitter. Most employee referral programs also result in an uplift in the use of Twitter for hiring.

Facebook, despite its 750 million users, is the least used network. Only 1 UK company even lists jobs on Facebook. The US number is still low at 4.

In the UK 61% of companies are advertising jobs on their own web site. However, only 11% are using an applicant tracking system, or anything other than plain old vanilla flavoured email to receive job applications. Little wonder that candidates complain about the applicant experience.
In the US a similar amount of companies (68%) advertise roles on their web site but their use of applicant tracking systems is more than double at 23%.

Only 3% of UK companies and 4% of US companies use video to showcase their employer branding. This is a big missed opportunity to differentiate company culture in a sector where good candidates highly sought after.

Social recruiting is tipped as a huge growth sector. From the survey results its clear that its still in its infancy.

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