In our first look at staffing trends for 2011, we discussed the advancement of video interview technology. Tools like Sonru and Skype can offer a number of benefits for recruiters at their desks. We continue our series of reviewing video interviewing technology with a look at one of the original pioneers in this space- HireVue.

Last week I spoke with Scot Sessions, Director of Marketing for HireVue, Inc. and learned how this product can really be a helpfull tool for recruiters. A bit of background on the company;

  • Founded in 2004
  • Headquartered in Salt Lake City, with offices in Chicago and Boston
  • Featured in Time, Forbes, USA Today, Workforce Magazine and more
  • Proven in more than 100 countries
  • First to offer pre-integrated video interviewing with leading e-recruiting systems

The HireVue Video Interview Platform is easy to use and works seamlessly within your organization’s brand. At first glance it might appear that this is simply another video interview service, but HireVue does offer a number of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Multiple interview types with recording options
– 100% custom branded candidate interview experience
– Integration with the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems
– Mobile interview creation, review and collaboration
– Immediate availability – begin interviewing within minutes

It is an easy out of box tool to set-up and use. On the back end- users will find the dashboard and overall user interface simple and clean. There are several configurable video interview types available: virtual (one-way, recorded), live recorded and live non-recorded interviews. One important feature  to mention is that HireVue has a working partnership with PreVisor. This provides a helpful add-on resource in creating proven competency-based interview questions. Users can create interviews associated with their open jobs and save time efficiently managing the candidate responses. Another feature that separates HireVue from the pack is the navigation tool that allows you to compare specific responses from candidate to candidate with ease. They also have added a ranking system and area for comments for easy side by side comparisons when evaluating talent.

HireVue also works with their client’s brand image to provide web cameras to interview participants that might need them.

As a innovator in the video interviewing space there is little to find fault with in HireVue’s product offering. The argument can be made that the cost in using HireVue on a daily basis might not be practical for all recruiters (3rd party in particular), but there is no denying the cost and time savings this tool brings to the hiring process. HireVue offers both a monthly subscription and per interview plan to best fit recruiter needs.

Scot Sessions shared with me the goal- “Increasing productivity of the hiring process and spending time with the right people” and that is exactly what HireVue offers in an easy to use product. To offer further support to such a claim is a excerpt from a HireView client’s recently conducted ROI case study*;

Improved productivity. HireVue improved the productivity of recruiters and hiring managers in two ways. First, interviewers did not have to spend time  traveling to interviews. Second, they were able to spend less time on interviews. Interviewers, who tend to rapidly reach conclusions about job  applicants, saved time by viewing only the recorded interview content they wanted to see. Recruiters can save time by choosing not to watch an entire  interview if an applicant appears unsuitable a few minutes into a recorded interview.

More than one of the creators of video interviewing, HireVue is positioned as the leader in this arena.

Recruiting Daily Testimonial:
“HireVue has to be part of the discussion when it comes to video interviewing technology” – Tim Spagnola |


For more information about HireVue you can visit their official site at or follow them on Twitter @hirevueinc

* 1 Source: “ROI Case Study – HireVue Dow Jones,” Nucleus Research, 2011