Last week we debuted RD Recommends and showcased An Interesting Look At The History of The Recruitment Industry written by Ken Sundheim, President of KAS Placement, LLC. KAS Placement is a national firm focusing on the placement of Sales and Marketing professionals although there has been more emphasis on sales of late. “We get a lot more sales recruiting calls ” Mr. Sundheim stated when Recruiting Daily spoke with him.

The idea of retracing the history of the recruiting industry began as a simple conversation among KAS colleagues and stemmed from an effort to to keep an edge in the competitive landscape. After a great deal of time and research the end result was Mr. Sundheim’s article.

RD asked Mr. Sundheim what was the most interesting thing learned from the research and he pointed to the period following WWII. The level of technology knowledge based on client needs did not always match with the pool of candidates coming from the military ranks. As a result there was extra emphasis placed on recruiters to secure right talent.

So with this article offering a great review on the history of the recruiting industry, we asked Mr. Sundheim if he had any tips for today’s recruiter. “You have to have passion for your clients” he offered, “that passion helps you sell the job.” KAS has experienced tremendous success and one of the keys to their success is based on the clients they choose to work with. “We prefer to work with smaller companies and really get the chance to grow with them” Mr. Sundheim said, ‘it is the real rewarding part of this industry.”

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