Talent tools have come a long way in the last few years, making recruiting and hiring talent much less labor intensive. However, we are still a long way from having a perfect hiring process. Inefficiencies still exist, and some processes leave candidates feeling disengaged. From relying on automated recruiting tools to 3D VR interviews, here are recruiters, HR leaders and business executives predictions for the future of talent and hiring tools.

Bring in Gamification for Talent Acquisition

In the near future, I believe we’ll be seeing much more gamification when it comes to talent and hiring tools. It will allow us as employers to assess candidate abilities in creative ways that go beyond traditional methods like interviews or written tests, making it possible to evaluate skills like problem-solving ability or creativity through gameplay instead of asking about them directly. Plus, they’re fun — which is just an added bonus!

The same goes for career development, gamified tools can help employees gain new skills while having fun! It’s an engaging way for individuals within an organization (as well as those outside who may want access) to customize their own paths without fear of failure: mistakes made during practice won’t have irreparable impacts on their career paths, unlike real-life experiences may have done!

Overall, I think using gamification will revolutionize how companies attract top-notch candidates, something I’m looking forward to seeing over time!

Maria Harutyunyan
Co-Founder, Loopex Digital

Heading Back to the Basics With More Personal Recruiting Efforts

Recruiting is selling the best person for the job on the fact that you’re the best employer to offer them a job. While I’ve seen the upfront cost-saving benefits of a well-streamlined hiring process, employers still need to tailor their approach to the individual they are looking to hire. Resume parsing, knock-out questions, video interviews and automated workflows are all great, but it’s the personal touches that make the difference.

Have the hiring manager or even someone a level up in the organization reach out to a highly sought-after candidate directly. Take them out to lunch at their favorite restaurant. Give them an office tour and introduce them to their coworkers. If the position is remote, an Uber Eats gift card and a face-to-face Zoom call with the team can go a long way.

Susan Snipes
Chief People and Culture Consultant, GoCo

3D Virtual Reality Interviews Will Be Used

Talent and hiring practices are constantly being impacted by the ever-evolving technology landscape. One future prediction I see for talent and hiring practices is the use of virtual reality (VR) interviews. With VR, companies can simulate an entire interview process with a potential candidate in an immersive 3D environment, enabling them to make more informed decisions about who to hire.

Not only does this provide a more accurate assessment of someone’s competencies, but it also allows employers to save time and resources when interviewing candidates from all around the world without any travel costs. Moreover, it offers applicants a much safer and more comfortable way to express themselves than most traditional recruitment methods.

Grace He
People and Culture Director, teambuilding.com

Application of AI in Talent Searches and Recruitment

We have seen the application of AI in recruitment over the last year, and we expect this to ramp up significantly in 2023. AI will be used to automate some of the processes involved in recruiting, including scanning candidates, screening resumes and developing suitability models to help recruiters narrow down their search for talent.

We may also start seeing AI interviews in 2023. Candidates may literally sit down with an AI where they will answer questions, after which the AI will screen and shortlist candidates based on predetermined criteria. This may help to remove some of the instinctive human biases that often arise in traditional recruitment methods.

Logan Nguyen
Co-Founder, MIDSS

Hiring Tools Will Be More Prominent

The use and development of talent and hiring tools will continue to gain traction and will be more prominent in 2023. Integrating them into our system will be easier, and they will be part of every automated process. This will start with creating job descriptions that will attract more people, automating the search and filtering of applicants and will continue into payroll and employee evaluation. Getting the right talent and hiring tools will be essential in kick-starting your automated process. The success will set the tone for all other automated systems and will give it an excellent head start.

Fawaz Naser
CEO, Softlist

Rely On Automated Recruiting Tools to Sift Applicants

As the great resignation continues, recruiters will rely more heavily on automated recruiting tools to sift through a surplus of applicants. While some may fear that these computerized systems will replace more human elements of the hiring process, the truth is that they simply can’t do that. Computers are limited in the information they can gather about a candidate based on their resume alone, and they need human input to better understand the potential of a candidate and to verify details. So, while the computers gather information, they leave the final decision to recruiters who can then use the tools to narrow down their choices.

Matthew Ramirez
CEO, Rephrasely

Social Media Screening Tools Will Improve

My prediction is that we will see a resurgence of powerful hiring tools for social media screening and background checks. Recruiters will want to know if candidates have what it takes to represent the company on social media in a respectable and appropriate way. According to Statista, we’re spending more than two hours daily on social media and that number is probably going to go even higher, and recruiters will want to know if our social media tendencies are appropriate or not.

Natalia Brzezinska
Marketing & Outreach Manager, UK Passport Photo



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