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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With over 25 years of workforce management experience, Synerion has more than 5,500 installations worldwide, tracking over 4,000,000 employees in a wide range of industries. Synerion’s goal is to help organizations operate more effectively and efficiently through their workforce management solutions. The company has now introduced their Recruitment Solution Software to further assist Canadian companies and organizations on their road to success.

Synerion’s President and CEO Ernie Pozzobon explained, “Our customers asked us to develop an effective recruiting solution to compliment and improve their workforce management system. Our new solution is further proof of Synerion’s continuingly innovative vision.”

Synerion’s Recruitment Solution is a complete and comprehensive application that starts with defining the job’s requirements, captures applicant resumes, identifying the most suitable candidates for the position and manages monitors and documents all stages of the recruitment process. A major benefit of Synerion’s recruitment solution is that it will allow organizations to shorten time to hire and reduce the high costs involved in the recruiting, training, and retaining of employees, thus providing fast return on investment.

Synerion’s recruitment solution is the latest product launch since the rebranding of their well established organization formerly known as TimeTECH. The rebranding of the company was to promote the fact that Synerion has evolved from its original TimeTECH roots. TimeTECH’s focus was on providing workforce management solutions for its clients. Synerion encompasses that aspect but now also incorporates the synergies from their consulting, implementation and support services in addition to their new recruitment solution in order to provide a more holistic approach in helping organizations be the best they can be.

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