rockstar finder 4.0


Stay organized and efficient while sourcing with the RockStarFinder update to 4.0


RockstarFinder™ has gotten even better with this latest release! The RockstarFinder update created a simple process to move people through a pipeline, which will keep you organized and efficient. We’ll give you a quick overview of what it does, starting with search.

You’re going to create a new project, and with their new automated naming scheme, it will title it for you based on your search parameters.

First, you’ll do your search, and select people to add to the candidate list. Once you’ve done that, you can further refine that list when you mark selected candidates as good matches.

This moves candidates along the pipeline to your “Matched” list, where you can enrich (enhance!) your data with their contact information.

If no contact information can be found, unmatch those candidates to keep the list clean. Candidates that have contact information are then funneled to the “Un-contacted” stage. Here, you will see all the phone numbers and email addresses available for you to use.

Clicking contact at this stage will open a template to either send an email or an SMS to the candidate. You also have access to email/SMS history. No extra cost, and it’s all integrated into one tool.

Once you contact someone, it moves to the contacted list, and the final stage in the pipeline will display all your metrics.

This is cool, and the most impressive part is that it’s an all in one system. It’s an alternate to LinkedIn, and also an alternative to those really expensive monstrous tools out there.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, inexpensive tool that can do it all – Source, Contact, Enrich – RockstarFinder is the one for you!


~ Noel Cocca


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