is introducing new social network search capabilities through the first stage of enhancements to their site.

You can search for individuals through a particular job or position search such as software engineer or games developer as the host does in this video. Once you find a person for example on Facebook, you can use Prophet to refine your search and it shows you where that individual is listed on social media or other sites such as Twitter, Google or their own web site.  You can verify their contact information there or go on to GitHub to research further if needed and verify again.

The big news here is that Seekout now allows you do all of your research about individuals in one place, no need to go anywhere else, making it very easy and more efficient to find individuals and their contact information.  And also check out the ability to include diversity strategies!

Seekout bills itself as having experience working on one of the world’s largest search engines with algorithms tuned for relevance that save you time. Well that certainly seems to be the case with this upgrade.  See what Dean Da Costa has to say below ~ Noel Cocca